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American Red Cross  
Health & Safety Services
The American Red Cross has provided health and safety services to people for over 100 years as part of the organization's mission of emergency prevention and preparedness. The Red Cross is a recognized leader in the areas of first aid, CPR, aquatics and water safety, HIV/AIDS prevention education, mission-related caregiving and other health and safety education programs.
Health Fair
Health Fair 2002

Health Fair is an opportunity for people to keep an eye on their health, as a form of preventive medicine. The Health Fair involves a blood draw. The blood is spun down on site, then sent to the lab for analysis. The tests look at glucose levels, thyroid function, cholesterol breakdowns, lipid levels, liver function and more. The tests range in price from $15 for a basic test to $25 for a comprehensive test to $35 for the comprehensive test plus a PSA (prostate cancer screen) for men. Results are available to participants in about a week.

The next Health Fair will be held on November 13th at Broadmoor Baptist Church on Youree Drive from
7am to 1 pm. Sponsors of the Health Fair include Christus Schumpert
Health System, Doctor's Hospital, Integrated Health Systems, Irving Place
Rehabilitation Center. 

During flu season, the American Red Cross offers flu and pneumonia shots at clinics across the area. This year, clinics will be held at the following locations:

November 6th - St. James Episcopal Church, 2050 Bert Kouns, 9am - 1pm;
November 8th - Bossier Civic Center, 620 Benton Road, 9am - 1pm;
November 13th - Broadmoor Baptist Church, (in conjunction with Health Fair), 7am - 1pm;
November 15th - Ruston Civic Center, 401 North Trenton, Ruston, 9am - 1pm

In addition, the American Red Cross can set up clinics for individual businesses. If your company would like to have us visit your location(s) to administer flu shots, call Jonathan Taylor at (318) 865-9545 for more information. 

Future Health Fairs will be 

    • February 2003 (location TBA)
CPR & First Aid

In 2000, approximately 350,000 people in the United States were treated for cardiac arrest (National  Center for Health Statistics.) The number of cardiac emergencies Americans suffer each year underlines the importance of CPR training. Each year, the Red Cross trains more than two million people in adult, infant and child and professional rescuer CPR. New Red Cross courses in Automated External Defibrillation (AED) use reflect the most recent changes in emergency cardiac care.

CPR & First Aid
The Red Cross has provided training in first aid continuously since 1909. Today, we offer a variety of first aid programs for different age groups and both general and professional audiences, including Standard First Aid, Community First Aid and Safety, Workplace First Aid, First Aid for Children Today (F.A.C.T.), Basic Aid Training (B.A.T.), First Aid -- Responding to Emergencies, and Emergency Response. All programs emphasize the importance of prevention as well as education.

Water Safety
The American Red Cross has been a leader in aquatic education since 1914.

For young children, the Red Cross offers two classroom programs: Longfellow's Whale Tales and AQUACKtic Safety. These programs focus on ways to be safe in and around water, giving helpful, easy to remember hints for the kids to use.

The Red Cross also offers a Community Water Safety Training for the public at large. This class teaches safety and rescue tips for places ranging from home to community pools to lakes and rivers. It also includes special tips for boat safety. The class is offered throughout the year, but particularly during the summer. It provides helpful Water Safety Tips for all ages.

For years now, the Red Cross has been training Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors (WSI) for local pools. Do you know the difference between a Lifeguard and a WSI? A Lifeguard is trained in life-saving techniques and is prepared to use them at any moment. WSls are individuals who may or may not be a lifeguard, but have special training and hold a certification that enables them to conduct swimming lessons. Parents need to make sure that the person teaching their child is certified as a Water Safety Instructor, not simply a Lifeguard. They also need to make sure that a Lifeguard or other appropriate adult supervision is available any time their child is around water.

The Northwest Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross offers Lifeguard and WSI courses from January through July annually.


The Red Cross also has other areas of special interest for the general public as well as for businesses and organizations. We offer courses from HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Preventing Disease Transmission to Babysitting, Pet First Aid and Sport Safety Training. Our instructors will gladly travel to your place of business, community group, church or school to work with your organization and teach any class of your choosing. Just call (318) 865-9545 to inquire about programs of interest to you.