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Disaster Training

These classes will help prepare you for a career as an American Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer. You may choose to work local or national disasters, depending on your availability. All of these courses are offered to you free of charge.
If you would like more information on becoming a Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer, click here and let us know.

Damage Assessment
This course is designed to prepare disaster service personnel conducting damage assessment to obtain necessary information and to demonstrate the importance of reliable data.
Course Dates:
TBA (call 318-865-9545 for more information) 

Family Service: Providing Emergency Assistance
This video driven course includes an overview of the Family Service Function, its documentation and interviewing skills, and provides participants the opportunity to practice interviewing clients.
Course Dates: 
TBA (call 318-865-9545 for more information)

Mass Care: An Overview
This basic disaster course provides information about shelters, providing fixed and mobile feeding sites, and other activities of the Mass Care function.
Course Dates:
TBA (call 318-865-9545 for more information)

Shelter Operations
This video based training is designed to prepare Red Cross workers and other agencies staff to effectively and sensitively manage a shelter operation as a team, to meet the needs of people displaced as a result of a disaster.

Course Dates:
TBA (call 318-865-9545 for more information)